We are officially red defenders!

The red defenders site has been made, the site link is rdarmy.wordpress.com, and we have a new chat, xat.com/reddefenders. I have added something to the red defenders website: Bills. There’re bills you can sign, well, see you there, and you have to look on the site for party times.


Name change

We are having a name change to red defenders, but the site isn’t finished yet, so we’re the chilliteckers till the site’s finished, but for those who do want to visit the site, then click here or type in the web address rdarmy.wordpress.com, but we’re still using this site till thats site’s finished, so bye.

New Ideas

I think we should have more government in the Chilliteckers. If Youtums and Boomer agree we could have parties such as Conservatives, Liberals, and Republicans. Each party can have a leader and there could be an election. We could vote for any leader for Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s job would be to make sure the soldiers are doing there job and they are the Prime Minister for most servers that means they are in charge of those servers. They can declare war on other armies. But the Supreme Commanders/Creators of the Chilliteckers have the most power and authority. The Prime Minister would have some authority and some power but the Prime Minister must ask the Supreme Commanders/Creators of the Chilliteckers if they can do some things. Like the Prime Minister wouldn’t be able to give land grants or loan other servers to other armies. The Supreme Commanders (Youtums and Boomer) would have the most authority though and the Prime Minister cannot do anything with no permission from the supreme commanders. The government thing is just an idea and I can only do it with the permission of Youtums and Boomer. Youtums and Boomer please comment on your decision if we should have government or not.


I’m not leaving till later today before any of you think I’m not really going on holiday, we have made it into round 2 of the club penguin army news summer splash, here are the times:

Chilliteckers vs. Fire Raiders
August 9,2012
Times: 2 PM EST, 7 PM UK/GMT, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST



We win Summer Splash!

Youtums1 EDIT: I added some pics tho the post :D.

We have won the Summer Splash 😀 ! Continue reading

Summer Splash Championships!

Everyone we are in the CPAN Small Army Championships! We have went this far! I am so proud! Tomorrow let’s win if we win we will have 2 awesome parties! Please try and come!

Small Army Championships!

Chilliteckers vs. Fire Raiders

August 11,2012

Times: 12 PM EST, 5 PM UK/GMT, 11 AM CST, 10 AM MST, 9 AM PST

Allies with Chaos Army!

The Chaos Army have surrendered/canceled the battles. We will no longer be battling them and they do not want to destroy us. We are now allies and everything is good 😀 ! So we got a new ally and the war has stopped!

CHAOS ARMY WANTS TO KILL US…and a message to little kids! (CANCELED)

EDIT: The events are canceled and we are now allies 😀 !

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Declaring war on Yin and Yang Army!

Well recently after our CPAF Tournament YYCP and us agreed on a tie. But they called me a rouge and they lied to CPAF. So I am declaring war on all of the Yin and Yang Army. They have lied to CPAF and now were eliminated from the tournament since they lied I am a leader in the Chilliteckers and YYCP knows that but YYCP had to lie to CPAF and now were eliminated. So we will be declaring war on the “Yin and Yang Army”. We will start off helping XGW invade the YYCP capital.

Invasion of Glacier (YYCPs portion)

August 9,2012

Times: 7 PM EST, 12 PM UK/GMT, 6 PM CST, 5 PM